Diamond Coatings produce a range of high-quality transparent ITO heater glass options suitable for a diversity of applications. But what is ITO heater glass, what are the available options and what are its potential applications? Read on to find out…

What is Transparent ITO Heater Glass?

ITO glass heaters consist of visually transparent substrates that are coated with thin films of transparent conductive indium tin oxide (ITO for short) coatings at varying required sheet resistances.

Allowing a current to pass through these coatings serves to generate the required heat necessary to expand liquid crystal displays’ operating temperatures within cold environments; de-ice/anti-ice and de-fog/anti-fog optics/optical displays.

ITO Heater Glass Applications

Expanding operating temperatures and serving to anti-ice/fog displays, ITO coated heater glass is the perfect solution for:

  • Military Command/Control Screens, Ground Vehicles & Periscopes
  • Naval/Marine & Aviation Hanger, Cargo Area & Flight Deck Lighting and Flight Deck Equipment
  • Industrial Control/Command Screens, IVF Workstations, Research & Development and Many Other Applications

ITO Glass Heater Options

Transparent ITO heater glass can be produced on a diversity of substrates including:

  • BK7 Glass
  • Standard or Toughened Float Glass (Soda Lime)
  • Quartz or Sapphire

Learn more about different glass substrate options here.

For applications where weight savings and high impact resistance are of importance, Diamond Coatings can also produce transparent polycarbonate ITO heaters, which offer ideal de-icing/de-misting capabilities for heated displays/display filters within harsh environments (subject to prevailing power limitations).

In addition, all ITO heater types can be:

  • Combined with Index-Matched ITO or AR coatings and/or EMC filters to reduce reflection further & optimise their optical performance.
  • Provided with epoxy ink borders, screened graphics or dielectric inks.
  • Supplied with fired silver-frit bus bars to permit stronger solderable bus bar connections.

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