Lightweight, pliable, transparent and boasting outstanding impact and heat resistance, polycarbonate makes an excellent alternative to glass in many ‘robust’ applications. Unfortunately, it somewhat lacks in scratch resistance. This can, however, be easily remedied with Diamond Coatings’ polycarbonate scratch resistant coating.

Polycarbonate Applications

Coated with anti -reflective and/or conductive ITO coatings, polycarbonate makes an excellent substrate for applications including, for example:

  • Touch Screens/Panels (Resistive & Capacitive)
  • Electronic Automobile Displays
  • Eye Wear Lenses
  • Exterior Lighting Fixtures
  • Medical Manufacturers/Food Processing Display/Control Screens
  • EMI/RFI Shielding Filters
  • Opto-Electronic/Electronic Displays and
  • Transparent ITO Heaters


Typical Transparent ITO Heater applications used within somewhat unforgiving environments may, for example, include:

  • Security Camera Domes
  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • Marine/Boat Windows
  • LCD Display Panels for Large Portable Generators
  • Industrial Control Screens
  • Helicopter Canopy Windows/Windscreens
  • External Information Displays
  • Control/Command Screens
  • Control Panels for Agricultural Equipment
  • Aviation/Naval Hanger Lighting, Flight Decks, Flight Deck Equipment & Cargo Areas


AR coated polycarbonate’s high impact resistance also makes it the perfect choice for anti-vandal (public information displays, ATMs, etc.) touch screens, as well as bullet resistance lamination.

Other Polycarbonate Applications

Not only reducing unwanted reflection/glare but also protecting underlying images against fading and yellowing caused by UV, AR coated polycarbonate is also a highly popular choice for applications like, for instance:

  • Retail/Poster Displays
  • Picture Framing
  • Gallery Displays
  • Display Cases/Cabinets
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Advertising and more


Naturally, the ‘heavy duty’ use in many of these applications makes it necessary for the polycarbonate substrates to offer reasonable resistance to scratching. This is where Diamond Coatings’ hard coat options come into play.

Diamond Coatings Polycarbonate Scratch Resistant Coating

In addition to producing a comprehensive range of anti-reflective, conductive ITO/Index Matched ITO and many special optical coatings, Diamond Coatings also offer application of hard coat coatings designed to increase substrates’ scratch and/or chemical resistance.

Often designed specially to meet specific client requirements, our hard coat options significantly increase the strength, scratch/chemical resistance and subsequently durability, of applications exposed to heavy use and/or harsh environments.

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