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Polycarbonate Anti Scratch Coating

A pliable, lightweight and transparent substrate with outstanding heat & impact resistance, polycarbonate is unfortunately comparatively soft and subsequently somewhat lacking in scratch resistance. Applying our anti scratch coating remedies this lack and makes polycarbonate almost equal to glass in terms of hardness.

Diamond Coatings Copper Tape UK

Internal testing against products supplied by leading copper tape UK manufacturers revealed that Diamond Coatings (DC) copper tape is the most conducting (both along itself and to metal surfaces) tape currently on the market.

Polycarbonate Scratch Resistant Coating

Lightweight, pliable, transparent and boasting outstanding impact and heat resistance, polycarbonate makes an excellent alternative to glass in many ‘robust’ applications. Unfortunately, it somewhat lacks in scratch resistance. This can, however, be easily remedied with Diamond Coatings’ polycarbonate scratch resistant coating.