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A Brief History of Anti Reflective Coatings

The first, and simplest, type of AR coating was discovered in 1886 by British Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner (physics, 1904) John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh (Lord Rayleigh). Upon testing some old, tarnished glass pieces (chemical reactions between the environment and the optical glass of his time tended to cause surface tarnishing on glass as it aged), Lord Raleigh found that – to his surprise – these tarnished pieces transmitted more light than clean, new pieces.

Benefits and Applications of Diamox ITO Coatings

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) consists of an In2O3 (Indium Oxide) and SnO2 (Tin Oxide) solution that is vacuum deposited as a thin film onto substrates including glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and polyester. Diamox ITO coatings boast properties that are beneficial for a wide range of applications.

Diamond Coatings – ITAR Certification & Compliance. 

Diamond Coatings is now registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and ITAR certified. The Diamond Coatings vacuum deposition plants are designed and built to our own custom specifications. Operating from modern factory premises located in the Midlands, United Kingdom and in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, these state-of-the-art vacuum coating facilities are equipped with our custom technology and operate in clean room environments.

Glass & Plastic Transparent ITO Heater Windows for Harsh Environments

Diamond Coatings specialise in the design and manufacture of ITO Heater Windows on both glass and plastic substrates. The optimal performance of LCD displays is very much dependant on temperature and therefore in low temperatures or very cold environments they can suffer from low response times and a possible loss of functionality.

Automotive Interiors Exhibition 2017

Our US division of Diamond Coatings attended the Automotive Interiors Exhibition. It was suitable the event was held in Michigan, famed globally for its motoring industry. The exhibition ran for three days where Diamond Coatings showcased our extensive range and capabilities to all the major players in the car industry.

Announcement to All Automotive Interior Specifiers and Designers

Diamond Coatings will this year be exhibiting at the Michigan (Novi) Automotive Interiors Expo. A must for all major car manufacturers/tier 1 suppliers' design teams, this Expo enables you to see & keep up with the ever-new innovations contributing to the continually evolving world of automotive interiors.