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ITO Coated Heated Train Windows

Diamond Coatings specialise in the design and manufacture of quality heated ITO coated optical windows. Indium tin oxide, a transparent conductive oxide, can be applied to plastic and glass substrates, as a transparent and heatable film, to supply ITO heated windows for trains.

AR Coated Coverslips

An antireflective or anti-reflection (AR) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. Coverslips can be coated with Indium Tin Oxide and given an antireflective finish.

Touchscreen Indium Tin Oxide

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) has become one of the most commonly used transparent conducting oxides with applications in a range of areas and industries, the most widely use of ITO coatings being touchscreen technology

What is ITO used for?

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) has become one of the most common transparent conducting oxides for a range of areas and applications, the most widely used being touchscreen technology for smartphones, tablets and other electrical appliances.

Indium Tin Oxide coated glass

When Indium Tin Oxide is applied to glass, it forms a conductive and transparent surface allowing visible light and ultraviolet rays to pass through, whilst also reflecting ultraviolet rays.

Diamond Coatings and The Solar Orbiter

The Solar Orbiter is a European Space Agency led mission working closely with NASA to observe and explore the Sun, its solar winds and how they affect our planet, as well as providing the first ever images of the Polar regions, an area of which there is little understanding currently.