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Automotive Interiors Exhibition 2017

Our US division of Diamond Coatings attended the Automotive Interiors Exhibition. It was suitable the event was held in Michigan, famed globally for its motoring industry. The exhibition ran for three days where Diamond Coatings showcased our extensive range and capabilities to all the major players in the car industry.

Announcement to All Automotive Interior Specifiers and Designers

Diamond Coatings will this year be exhibiting at the Michigan (Novi) Automotive Interiors Expo. A must for all major car manufacturers/tier 1 suppliers' design teams, this Expo enables you to see & keep up with the ever-new innovations contributing to the continually evolving world of automotive interiors.

Diamond Coatings Conductive Materials and Wet Spraying

Diamond Coatings have over the past 15 years amassed a wealth of experience in the wet spraying of both conductive and non-conductive paints and materials and have sprayed and supplied in excess of 3 million parts to the military, aerospace and automotive industries.

Aircraft & Helicopter Heater & EMC Windows

As approved solution providers to aerospace industry leaders, Diamond Coatings specialize in aircraft and helicopter canopy Heater & EMC Windows. Diamond Coatings Heater & EMC Canopy window types ensure the safe operation of the aircraft for crew and passengers.

Diamond Coatings Shop Now Live Online

We here at Diamond Coatings are extremely excited to announce that our extensive range of conductive PEN and PET Films; ITO Coated Microscope Slides and Coverslips and much, much more is now available directly from our brand-new Diamond Coatings Shop.

Anti-Static Coatings for Hand-Held Wireless Enabled Devices

On the 20th of April 2016, the new ATEX Standard came into effect. Broadly speaking this new directive, which requires the prevention of electrostatic charges with the capacity to cause potentially dangerous discharges through appropriate measures including, among other measures, anti-static coatings, applies to all equipment.