Diamond Coatings Ltd is a privately owned business, which was established in 2002 and has grown to become an industry leading manufacturer of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) & Optical Coatings. Through continuous research, development and on-going improvement, we have fine-tuned our coating machinery, to apply our vacuum deposited optical coatings on to almost any substrate.

With continued investment in our processing capabilities Diamond Coatings are proud to announce the introduction of ITO Laser Etching & Patterning services to our ever growing portfolio of product offerings and process capabilities.

Our new fully integrated Class 1 laser system is exceptionally versatile with a working field area of 305mm x 305mm with current patterning line width at 30 micron with planned alternative laser options to reduce this further to 7 Micron line widths that facilitate highly accurate and repeatable precision removal of surface coatings.

Diamond Coatings will also be introducing comprehensive imaging and non-contact measuring processes to both ensure & document dimensional compliance to even the most complex of patterning requirements required by our customers.

Laser Patterning and Etching of thin film coatings such as our own Diamox ITO and other coatings can be offered on a wide range of substrates from PET & PEN films, Glass and on hard coated PMMA and Polycarbonate substrates.

Also additional services such as Micro-Machining of holes and grooves into glass, sapphire scribing and thin film laser trimming can now be offered.

Diamond Coatings can offer full complete supply of substrate – vacuum deposited thin film coatings & Laser patterning to your requirements & design parameters or alternatively Diamond Coatings can offer a laser patterning service only onto customers free issued coated substrates.

Diamond Coatings support a global customer base, servicing a broad spectrum of markets including:

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Military & Defence
  • Imaging & Microscopy
  • Aerospace
  • Entertainment
  • Space
  • Research & Development

& Many More

Contact Diamond Coatings today with your optical coating design and patterning requirements, our highly experienced technical team will work with you to help realise your applications goals, assist with prototyping, testing and development through to final design and product release.