Industry leading vacuum deposited ITO, Optical & Anti-Reflection Coatings manufacturer Diamond Coatings service customers based all over the world, including companies of any size and companies that produce/supply a range of diverse products.

Diamond Coatings has a dedicated online shop with a large selection of ITO coated substrates available to purchase for immediate delivery, our existing range of products includes:

  • Anti-Reflective PET Film
  • Conductive ITO Float Glass Sheets
  • ITO OLED Grade Glass Sheets
  • ITO Coated PET Film
  • ITO Coated PEN Film Sheets
  • ITO Coated Coverslip Glass
  • ITO Coated Microscope Slides
  • Uncoated Coverslip Glass
  • Uncoated Microscope Slides

Diamond Coatings are now introducing a new range of ITO Coated Float Glass Options with a range of ITO Coating Sheet Resistances available.

Also coming soon is a new range of standard sheet size options of Alumino-silicate glasses:

  • ASG Dragontrail 0.55mm Thick
  • Schott Xensation 0.7mm Thick
  • Gorilla Glass 2.0mm Thick

Options to purchase both uncoated and with a range of ITO Sheet Resistances and further options for silver busbar terminations

Review our full range of online shop items at: