Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) offers superior electrical conductivity and optical transparency, making it the popular choice for glass coatings. Indium Tin Oxide coated glass has many uses, such as De-icing and heater applications, microscope slides, monolithic RFI filters, touchscreens and other display technology.

When Indium Tin Oxide is applied to glass, it forms a conductive and transparent surface allowing visible light and ultraviolet rays to pass through, whilst also reflecting ultraviolet rays.

Indium Tin Oxide coated glass – Extreme environments

Indium Tin Oxide coated glass can be used in the most extreme and demanding environments due to the durability and hardness of the coatings. A good example of this would be the use of ITO Glass on aircraft windshields, passing a voltage through the glass to provide heat.

Staying with extreme environments, ITO coatings are very effective for touchscreens that may operate in colder temperatures, allowing the glass to remain at a certain temperature to maintain response times and performance.

Diamond Coatings offer a wide range of Indium Tin Oxide coated microscope coverslips and glass slides at 1.1mm Thickness with a resistivity of 1.6 x 10-6 Ohm.m

ITO Coated Glass is also being used for Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass windows. The insulating properties allow for better regulation of building temperatures to assist in reducing environmental impact

Indium Tin Oxide coated glass – Widely used

Indium Tin Oxide coated glass is used extensively in touch-sensitive display technology and in touchscreens in the majority of smart phones and tablets as it is relatively easy to produce, optically transparent and highly conductive. OLED and LCD technology is also utilising ITO coatings to great effect.

Combining the qualities of low electrical resistance and highly visible light transmission, ITO makes an effective EMI/RFI shield for electronic displays that need enhanced optical properties and moderate shielding effectiveness.

Diamond Coatings can supply Indium Tin Oxide coated glass, vacuum deposited to any sheet resistance from as low as 2.5 Ohms/Sq

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