The quality of projected images is a cinema’s most valuable asset, requiring projectors to use specialised fire rated glass port windows with advanced optical technology.

Today’s digital projection technology means all theatres & auditoriums have to ensure their fire rated cinema projector glass portals have optimal colour rendition and light transmission for digitally projected media in both 3D and 2D.

Diamond Coatings Cinema Projector Glass

Diamond Coatings have created a proven industry leading Anti-Reflective Coated Fire Rated Cinema Projector Glass specifically designed for optimal optical performance of digitally projected media that is currently installed in cinema auditoriums across the UK & Europe.

  • E60 fire rated glass
  • High visible transmission (typically 96% average from 450 – 650nm)
  • Suitable for 2D or 3D cinema projection
  • Optimum optical properties available on 600mm x 600mm ports, maximum available size 1m x 1m

(outer edges of larger ports may have lower transmission).

Transmission Graphs

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