Diamond Coatings have over 15 years’ experience in the wet spraying of both conductive and non-conductive paints and materials, having undertaken non-conductive and conductive spraying for the military, aerospace and automotive industries, supplying well in access of 3 million parts of all shapes and sizes.

Diamond Coatings Conductive Spraying

In many cases, a sprayed conductive material is a sufficient option for various applications. With extensive technical knowledge and experience of conductive materials and conductive spraying, Diamond Coatings have custom formulated many conductive paints, which have been optimised in their conductivity, whilst ensuring no cross contamination in materials, as well as being rigorously tested against oxidation and to ensure no fretting corrosion, over a long-term period.

By formulating our own conductive paints, it has enabled Diamond Coatings to ensure the longevity of their solutions, giving the customer peace of mind in the function of their component, which will stand up to the test of time, in various conditions.

Product Information

Diamond Coatings have vast experience in spraying various materials such as;

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Carbon
  • Nickel
  • Ordinary paints, for a cosmetic finish.

With the ability to customise and develop their own formulated paints, Diamond Coatings can work closely with the customer to introduce any sprayable material for their specific requirements.


Particularly with a sprayed material, it is essential that all aspects of adhesion, deposition and conductivity be considered when selecting the most suitable material for any wet spraying solution.
Diamond Coatings paints have been rigorously tested for EMC/ESD compliance, conforming with great ease.

Additionally Diamond Coatings have seen some of their conductive paint and coating materials certified and approved by the Ministry of Defence.

As well as such approvals, Diamond’s formulated conductive materials, act as an essential feature to various high profile projects and demanding applications.

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