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As approved solution providers to aerospace industry leaders, Diamond Coatings specialise in aircraft and helicopter canopy Heater & EMC Windows.

Why Aircraft & Helicopter Heater & EMC Windows?

Temperature variations during flights can mean sudden changes in interior humidity causing cockpit or canopy windows to mist up very quickly. The subsequent decreased visibility for pilots could have a dramatic impact on the safety of flights. Aircraft & Helicopter Heater Windows are designed to demist rapidly. The EMC version of the canopy windows provide shielding through ensuring electrical continuity across the window while maintaining clear visibility through the canopy. Diamond Coatings Heater & EMC Canopy window types thereby ensure the safe operation of the aircraft for crew and passengers.

An Example for Helicopter Canopy Heater Windows

A primary example would be helicopters that operate in ski resorts or mountain rescue scenarios and in the retrieval of personnel & equipment in this type of environment. Passengers rapidly entering the aircraft from the mountain will immediately affect the level of the humidity in the cabin and cause a sudden misting effect on both cockpit and canopy windows. Diamond Coatings Heater Window solution will rapidly counter this effect and de-mist the windows ensuring continued optimal visibility for the pilots and passengers and help to enable the safe operation of the aircraft.

Our Expertise

Using the latest in ITO Coating Technology, we have the expertise and experience to provide suitable solutions to a variety of requirements. Developing and creating ITO coated plastic and/or glass aircraft transparencies, we also offer help in designing and creating solutions for helicopter and aircraft cockpit Heater & EMC Windows.

The Technology

Diamond Coatings custom designed coating plant & technology enables us to effectively coat curved aircraft/helicopter transparencies of depths up to 80 mm. Diamond Coatings have also formulated an exceptionally durable silver epoxy to provide superior electrical connection between aircraft/helicopter airframes and transparencies for our Heater and EMC canopy windows.

To complement our Heater and EMC Canopy windows Diamond Coatings also have the ability to provide first class design solutions for critical avionic displays with anti-reflection, EMC and heater window solutions specifically designed to meet the environmental demands of an avionics display.

Get in Touch

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